Water Soluble Expectations

Do you ever find yourself either frozen from meaningful action, or over-exerting because of the task master of Invisible Expectations? By “invisible,” I mean that no one is currently telling or otherwise coercing you to do or not do the thing. You just have this nagging discomfort inside about it, and that discomfort might sound…

It’s An Abomination

This is not about how to simply focus on your own sinful state instead of someone else’s. Nor is it about calling all things good. What I’m trying to convey is the ability to observe and interact from an entirely alternate experience that is unshaken by external reflections of the spiritual war on our planet. I’m referring to Christ-filled hearts that close the gap.

What I Didn’t Expect When I was Expecting

This post isn’t a fun family update, but it’s about our family in the sense that the experiences I have encountered with my boys, and the knowledge I have sought, frequently too late, has culminated in a set of opinions on pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the early days of child rearing. I did some thinking…

The Red Light Lady

Yesterday, as I sat in traffic near the children’s hospital, heading to Elijah’s CT scan, I remembered a minor event that happened last month when I was leaving the same hospital. It is really insignificant, but it stuck with me due to the range of emotions it provoked, from anger to embarrassment to humility.

I may be tired, but I’m not listless.

I was just thinking about lists. That happens on occasion when I’m using a product I really love, or remembering a piece of knowledge that changed my thinking, and I wish at that moment I could send the Publisher’s Clearing House brigade to every door and present the residents with this great information prize.