Camels and Cookies


Sometimes what Ian says is still pretty muddled.  Sometimes he makes himself a little too clear.  I’ll give a recent example of each.

I could have sworn Ian was telling me there were camels on his strawberry.  I chalked it up to his vivid imagination, tho usually his imagination has a little more logic to it than that.  Later, when strapping him in his car seat, he said he wanted to hold the “camels.”  Listening more closely and having him repeat it a dozen times, it started to sound more like “camocks,” which still didn’t help.  I asked him to show me what he meant, and then I discovered he was talking about the hand sanitizer pen I had clipped to my shirt.  Then it clicked that he had remembered me talking about washing the chemicals off his strawberries.

The next incident was on the day we made gingerbread man cookies together.  That night, when Brian was trying to get Ian headed to bed, Ian was begging incessantly for another gingerbread man.  Brian got fed up with it and told him if he asked one more time, he would put his nose to the wall (our version of a time out).  Ian couldn’t help himself and muttered once more, “May I have a gingerbread man?” Brian replied, “What did you say?” Without hesitation, Ian said, “Hey, what’s in this trash can?”  It was so well-performed that it got him off the hook.

Ian just brought me a Batman mask and asked if I could be Batgirl.  I agreed and did my best impression.  Then he brought me a book to read, so I took off the mask and started reading.  Ian stopped me and insisted, “No, Batgirl will read it.”

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  1. haffnewie says:

    LOL! love the quick come-back that kid has! But look out… he will probably only get better at it!


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