Baby Moses


I was doing the laundry this morning and was digging near the bottom of my basket and I found a pump bottle of foam soap wrapped in a stiff washcloth. I laughed to myself, remembering that Ian had called that bottle “Baby Moses” the other day. I tossed the contraption into the bedroom and Ian yelled, “You hurt Baby Moses!” A few minutes later Ian came by with Moses stuffed into an empty tissue box (we won’t talk about why we had an empty tissue box lying around), saying, “We need to keep Baby Moses safe. This is his car seat.” Then, as we were trying to leave the house for breakfast, Ian demands, “Wait! We need a safety window for Moses!” Ian and Isaac debated for a moment about where the window should be. Ian was set on a Buzz Lightyear-esque dome. After we cut the top off a plastic water bottle and assembled the window, we all marched contentedly to the “New Van.”

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  1. haffnewie says:

    Great imaginations!! Gotta love it!


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