Where, Oh, Where is My Ultimate Life-Logging Solution?


I need a life-event narration conglomerator. If I could get a smart device to capture all the stories I recount by mouth, by text, by email, by Facebook status update, and by Blogger, and jam them all into one place, I’d be ecstatic. I want to include the boys’ funnies, my favorite recipes and baby gadgets, our adventures and all other sorts of life bits. I’d love this to be my spot. I think. I’m mostly consumed by the thought: Will my boys care to know about themselves (and other parts of my life) some day, and where can they be assured to find this information?

I have them set up with emails that I send stories to, on occasion, so if they all have links to this, or perhaps an exported file of these ramblings, maybe that will work. Who knows where technology will be by then. Is this like saving them an 8-track mix tape? I love the feel and process of writing in paper journals, but they aren’t searchable and heaven knows they would need to pay a cryptologist to decipher my handwriting.

This takes so much discipline and perseverance, and a compatible baby, who currently is enjoying a repetitive loop of nursing for 4 minutes, then playing for 2 minutes, before clawing back at me with his teary demands. Now I need to go write to the Facebook people for a log of all my posts that I can paste into this. Oh, that was a good laugh.  I’ll go find ’em myself.

It looks like I have another 2 minutes to scramble. Even Ian has figured out Elijah’s favorite pastime. He observed: There goes Elijah looking for more paper to eat.

p.s. I will now go *grunkle into my new life-changing device. You do not know this, but I have the power of retro-inventing. I invent things in my mind and they appear as someone else’s recent-past invention. I stomp my foot that I won’t get paid for it, but move on to the pre-fabricated solution, resigned to the fact that I’d have been too lazy to figure out how to make it exist.

p.p.s. This particular instance of retro-inventing might involve the use of a time machine and a brain implant that has allowed me to download selective bits of memory and Oculartography and convert them into the 2010 HTML text version.

*You will have to search my blog for the meaning of this word, if it is not apparent.

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