For Dad


Dear Dad, today is a day to pay you special attention,
As you stand proudly between your youth and your pension.
You met an amazing woman and made her your queen.
You had two lovely daughters, a fine son in between.

Dad under an umbrella with Mom
Dad and his beautiful bride.

Now you’re a Grandpa to three busy boys.
You’ve gained a new daughter to add to your joys.
You’re playful and loving, some times sparkle-eyed sprite,
Pulling pranks on our guests during sleepover night.
You’d hold my hand tightly on a scary thrill ride,
And at ball games and school shows, you cheered on with pride.
You’ve counseled and guided, encouraged and prayed,
Through adventures and trials, strong in faith you have stayed.

My Dad shading the boys at the beach
Dad loves his little fellas to the moon and back

You taught me to trust in my heavenly Father,
And that things of this world really aren’t worth the bother.
Your genuine character serves as an example
That with the right vision, blessings are ample.
This rhyme probably sounds less Poe and more Seuss,
But I had some thoughts, and I turned them loose.
Dad, I think of you daily, with a smile on my face
And wish that we all could be in the same place.
So, throw your arms around you; I’ll throw my arms around me,
As I give you a hug, the best Dad there could be.

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  1. Awwww, I love it! It’s perfect!


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