First Day of the Same


If I can’t manage to do regular blog posts, the least I can do is document the first day of the new school year. With the way we home school, it feels like an artificial deadline, but we try to keep it simple and follow our local church school schedule since they do Home School Fridays there. Here are the boys holding their “first day of” grade numbers that they drew.










And some individual shots:

First Grade

Third Grade

And Fourth Grade

The boys have been busy making comics today, but they paused to play a math game called Fact Family Rescue. They took turns wearing the Mom, Dad and Baby hats, corresponding to the middle, biggest and smallest numbers. They had to get safely into different rooms, led by “Dad,” by solving the equations. Sometimes an unexpected event would come up and would switch the operator on them, or would move one of them to another location, but they had no problems making it work.

Now Ian and Isaac are making illustrated stories in their journals and Elijah and I are about to play some Scrabble Jr.

The church showed us they have our back by hosting a 12-hour prayer vigil last Sabbath for all the students and educators. We are looking forward to another good year!

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