On Your Mark, Get Self-Start


The boys were great self-starters today. When I was getting ready to walk Orbit, Elijah reminded everyone they needed to do the next 2 states in their workbooks. The boys sat and did most of their Government unit study while I was out. They wrote a Washington quote in their journals, looked up definitions, watched a Liberty Kids episode about George Washington, drew a map of the 13 colonies, and answered questions about the early pilgrims.

Ian is struggling a little with the “greener grass” of the idea of going to school all day with friends. Although he admits he really wishes every day was Friday, and he knows it isn’t and can’t be. He knows there would be major trade-offs.

Here are the sketches Isaac & Ian made in their notebooks of the first colonies.


Ian drew an interesting picture that is a bit Escher-esque, only with more circuits, ducks and soda.













They also did some Lego and started some paper mache. The boy’s projects just look like a covered balloon right now.

I’m being crazy and starting a sad attempt at a paper mache First Order Storm Trooper mask. No idea what the future holds for it.

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