35 Candles, 1 Fantastic Guy

Today is the 35th birthday of the man of my dreams, who fortunately happens to be the guy I’m married to. We got to go on a once-in-a-lifetime date last night, while he was still a youngster (only teasing, my young buck). It wasn’t like we cruised on a billion dollar yacht and ate off…

Visitation Plights

We started last week with a little lite shoplifting. The boys and I joined a friend and her son at a large mall. First, we perused some children’s clothing stores. After ambling halfway to the end of the mall, then cruising back to the start for the “pahhtee,” I discovered two unpurchased pairs sun glasses in my jumbo stroller. I happened to be directly in front of the store whence they came. I walked them back to the rack, remarking to myself that stealing is apparently remarkably easy if one plays the role of an overwhelmed mother of three.