I’m the Diaper Scrooge

Yesterday in Walmart, Elijah “just happened” to see a pack of Thomas the Tank Engine underwear. He pulled them off the shelf, telling me just how much he wanted them. I asked if he could keep them dry. He said he could, so we took them home. Elijah will be 2.5 years old next month….

The Sky Split Open Today

I awoke this morning to the glorious sound of someone else cleaning the house. Brian had straightened the living room, cleaned off the kitchen table, done all the dishes, got out the broom and was wiping down the counters. Then he made breakfast and took us out to a movie and “linner” (late lunch). Yes,…


Whew! It’s been a busy day today – in a good way! It’s a day that gives me hope for next year’s “official” home school endeavors. We’ve read books – even educational ones about “heroes” like¬†Sacajawea and Nelson Mandela. We’ve done Math and Spanish games on the computer, and I was pleased to see unexpected…

Party Pooper

Remember that Play Foam that the big brothers were supposed to be playing with yesterday while Elijah was going down for his nap? Here is a photo I’ve borrowed from PlayFoam to show you what it could look like before preschoolers have mashed all the colors together to make a big confetti-colored pie.