The Sky Split Open Today

I awoke this morning to the glorious sound of someone else cleaning the house. Brian had straightened the living room, cleaned off the kitchen table, done all the dishes, got out the broom and was wiping down the counters. Then he made breakfast and took us out to a movie and “linner” (late lunch). Yes,…

Olive You

Knock knock. Who’s there? Boo hoo hoo. That was Ian’s recent attempt at a knock knock joke, followed by: Knock knock. Who’s there? Nick Knock. I’ve been waiting for the moment the word play light bulb switches on. I tried the other day, when the boys were munching “salty garlic olives.” I said, “Hey, Ian….

Bead Dazzled

We had a colorful week. The boys got to enjoy an overnight dusting of snow, early last week. I slammed their clothes on and sent them out the back door, before the day warmed. Ian paused to remark that his fluffy sweater felt like a life jacket, and then did a remarkable, cartoonish impersonation of an emergency flotation vest blasting full of air and then he bobbed around a bit. They ran and kicked and rolled in the barely-snowy yard. Ian wanted to make a snow man. I put some exam gloves on over my fingerless gloves to help roll a few snow balls before getting breakfast started. Ian came in and wanted some exam gloves too. I buried his fists into a pair, and as he struggled to get his fingers into the right holes, he wailed, “I don’t have as many fingers as these have!” I know the feeling, little buddy.

It’s best to starve your PET

We rocked. We walked. We bounced. A boy knows what he wants. He tantrumed with all his might. I briefly calmed him with some warm water in a bottle. He doesn’t drink out of bottles, but he was happy to chew for a moment. I tried some TV. I walked some more, praying and praying he’d fall asleep. Finally, he did sleep, but it was only long enough for me to get dressed, sneak some food and wake him up to go.

Home Gym

I have a real gym membership, but scampering on a mouse wheel, knowing that Elijah is in child care screaming until I return, is not very motivating. Now, if one of the gym staff were to stuff me in the company vehicle and toss me out 5 miles down the road, with Elijah screaming in child care, that might be a little motivating. So, until Elijah gets a few more months under his belt, I’ll take my exercise regimen home. All right, all right, that’s half true. If the new facility were to open tomorrow with its….racquetball courts…, I would pack his diaper bag full of tissues and…say, is that harsh?

Three, Two, One, Vinblastine

Yesterday (Friday), Elijah *finally* had his last planned dose of chemo. In three weeks, he will have a full-body PET scan, and if it is at least as good-looking as his previous scan, then he will go to an observation schedule of check-ups every month, then every three months, then 6 months, then annually. He…

A Visual Catch-Up Guide

To help you cope with my usual delinquency, I have created a visual catch-up guide of the recent history of the Cummings family, covering our three Christmases, and into the new year.  On the first third of Christmas, I achieved, on the 15th shutter release, a nearly-focused snapshot of my three miniature men about to open…


The Lord is my Shepherd. He has provided.I bask in the wholeness of my family, drinking up my sons and finding in each a unique and intoxicating bouquet. Again I smell, kiss, envelop the child for whom I’ve trembled. He grows so strong, snuggled in his garments, the tightly-knitted prayers of a multitude. His laughter…

Ooooh. Ahhhhh. Yeah, You Might Want to Just Ignore This One.

I think I might dance and giggle. OF COURSE there was a Facebook app that lists a history of my status updates, and now I have brought them here, only slightly edited. To overwhelm your mind. To keep them as mine. ALL MINE. Woah-ha-ha-haaa! Amy If you’re happy and you owe it, hug a Vet!…

Girls can’t rock?

So, the story starts with me dancing to a song in the car. Ian says, “You’re not a rock star, mom.” I asked who, then, could be a rock star. He replied, “Boys are rock stars. Girls sing slow songs.” As soon as I got home, I was set on shifting his cute little paradigm…