What Babies Gotta Do

 “Mom, I was building and accidentally dropped some pieces, and I got down and looked all around, and finally said, ‘nevermind’ really quiet like that and went back to building, ” Ian just informed me. He found my Nanoblocks. They are eensy teensy weensie Lego-like toys – more like a splinter to step on. This…

Muddy Buddies

  Brian decided the boys were lacking a mud pit, so this afternoon, he rectified that. Now they can be real boys.  

Local Time

One beautiful weekend, we hopped on our bikes for the first time since last fall. I put Elijah in my handlebar carrier and Brian pulled the bigger boys in the trailer. I made sure to bring the diaper bag, because it seems we always go farther than intended. We half joked to each other that, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we ended up in downtown Newnan?” I knew right then that we had both taken that as a challenge and our certain destination.

Even The Calgon Ran For Cover

Yes, last week was just that scary. If stars could’ve had a role, they would have completely un-aligned. Murphy’s Law nearly bore my namesake. I completely blame the Chiclets – the ones Elijah is pushing through his gums. I’m still waiting to see if the bottom tooth is a new tooth or a piece of…

Rainy Day Ramble

Hooray!  For two days now, I’ve kept the house unusually clean.  Go me.  But, it’s not without that acid-reflux sheen that gives everything a warm glow. I don’t expect to do a lot of posting this week, while getting my act together for Ian’s birthday “party”.  The boys helped me make some gingerbread men and…