Mr. Big Stuff

Elijah is getting maddeningly and exponentially more specific in his “needs.” We’ve provided him a substantial vocabulary of signs and words, but just how is he supposed to relay, “I want a drink. Please open the sippy cup cabinet. No I do not want ANY of those sippy cups – I just want the lid…

Fly Free

Ahhhh. Here I sit with a glorious double pane of glass between the brouhaha and me. Our new glass storm door with roll-away screen was installed Monday, and I’m LOVING it. I see every swat of a twig, every snatch of a toy – even the swirling cloud of chalk, but I remain unscathed. Not even a fly buzzing ridicule in my ear.


Lesson learned. If I’d do a little laundry sometimes, I wouldn’t go without my TV remote for so long. It’s amazing what I find in that basket.

He’s 412 Days Old and I’m Going to Gush!

I forgot what a fun age 13 months is! Elijah is a miniature person who has “it” incredibly figured-out. He “talks” on the phone, puts on his brother’s play necklace, tries to put on shirts and socks, stabs at food with a fork, knows what the remote is supposed to do, drives toy cars with great sound effects, and pulls string cheese out of the fridge, doing the Happy Dance as I open it for him.