Lesson learned. If I’d do a little laundry sometimes, I wouldn’t go without my TV remote for so long. It’s amazing what I find in that basket.

Today, we enjoyed a football-dissecting lesson. My football sadly wouldn’t hold air, so, I might as well let the boys do what they love to do: take things apart.

Elijah has been putting together two-word signs. The other night, the younger two were in my lap. Isaac had a car and Elijah started to reach for it, then stopped and signed “please” and “share.” ┬áHe will also sign/say things like “eat more,” “drink milk,” and “where ball.” He has a new favorite game. I call it the “Ow game.” He pretends to pinch himself and says, “Ow!” and then “dares” me to pinch him too. I play pinch him all over, saying, “Ow! Ow!” and he laughs hysterically at it.

Here are some photos of some more fun times we’ve had recently.

Ian playing dress up
Ian said he dressed up as Buzz Mickey Ear


Boys show off their new hats
Ian and Isaac show off the pirate hats they made
The boys swing noodles at bubbles
A noodle bubble battle

Brian rescues a knife from the boys
Brian stashing the knife Ian used to shorten his noodle, and thankfully not the one on his shoulders.
Elijah is a messy eater
Oh no! I made a mess of myself!
Elijah flashes his chimp grin
But I'm so cute at what I do! We had make-your-own cracker sandwiches, at Ian's request, and Elijah sure enjoyed them!

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