What am I thinking?!


I’ve never blogged.  Ever.  Why on earth am I starting now?  I haven’t even done the dishes yet.  It’s probably because I’ve been sending a lot of text messages of the silly goings-on in our house with 2 toddlers, and often I try to condense these events into Facebook status updates, which people seem to enjoy.  However, blogging sounded kinda fun (and don’t confuse my conversational English-butchering for grammatical incompetence – it’s simply one of my micro-rebellions), so I’ve decided to give it a whirl.  See, the dishes will keep piling up and eventually slide off and shatter on the floor, hopefully to be swept up by the next broom that drags through town, but these moments in time really ought to be preserved.

I’m totally in denial that my baby is almost 3, and that he has a brother who will be almost 2 when the THIRD boy arrives in January.  This is happening wayyyyy too quickly.  I had time to write a few things here and there in a journal when it was just Ian and I holding down the fort.  I thought I was bewildered then.  Poor Isaac has little record of his life thus far, as the stereotypical second -child syndrome goes.  I can type much faster than I can write, and typed text looks just as legible when composed in solitary as when I have what feels like 8 boys in my lap.  So, here it goes!

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