Christmas, Christmas, One, Two, Three.

This won’t be a very holly jolly post. I’m playing catch up and I’m bored. And, I have happily put Christmas, with all its tree needles, wrapping paper particles and house cluttering behind me. I adore Christmas, and this year, I was more in the Spirit than I had been for a few years, but…

Legos, Ships, Jungles and Lights, Oh My.

On our vacation, we did a few adventures in Florida. We stopped by Fisherman’s Village in our old stomping grounds in Punta Gorda and toured the Nina and Pinta replicas.   We visited some friends who set up a really fancy Christmas display in their yard – just for the boys!   We stormed Legoland….

The Things I Have To Pretend I Don’t Hear

I’m lying here nursing the l’il captain to sleep for his nap. The big boys are supposed to be playing with “crazy foam stuff” at the table. Instead I hear through the wall a muffled drum sound, which means someone has climbed up on the book shelf. Then I hear money shaking, coins falling behind the bookshelf, gears turning – they think they are sneaking gum balls. Somehow they teleport to the top of the stairs, because I hear what must be an entire refrigerator fall down the stairs. Oh, what will be lying asunder at the bottom? Sleep, Elijah. This is melting my brain!

He’s 412 Days Old and I’m Going to Gush!

I forgot what a fun age 13 months is! Elijah is a miniature person who has “it” incredibly figured-out. He “talks” on the phone, puts on his brother’s play necklace, tries to put on shirts and socks, stabs at food with a fork, knows what the remote is supposed to do, drives toy cars with great sound effects, and pulls string cheese out of the fridge, doing the Happy Dance as I open it for him.

The Elijah Cannon: Part 4, Treatment Begins

I was amazed by the size of the CHOA Egleston NICU, the quietness of it, the professionalism, and the hosptality. We could tell immediately that they had “it” figured out here. They understood that the experience was more than a baby in a bed – that each baby comes with a family, and each family…

Eureka! I’ve found my floor!

Here we are, home again, with three merry iterations of Christmas sadly behind us. I’ve finally found enough of my floor to justify stopping to update the blog. It was so fantastic to be around family again for a week. We wish we could always be a part of our ‘village.’ Perhaps some day, everything will…

Independence Days

My little guys are growing more independent every day. Ian wants to assemble the turkey sandwiches and cut his own food.  A dozen times a day, we forget some little task he can accomplish himself and he reminds us in panicked staccato, “I want to do it all by myself!” He doesn’t even like to…

A Side Note About Dishes

I am sooo tempted to go primitive and fill my dishwasher with only metal spatulas and steel mixing bowls.  The Shlinnngs and Wahwahwwaaaws of taking them out of the washer are OH. SO. REWARDING.

Oh The Places You’ll Go!

A couple nights ago, Ian was wrestling with Brian. At one point Ian’s hand lands on Brian’s backside and Ian stands, frozen. “Oh no Dad, you have poop!” he blurts as he squeezes something.  I glance over and giggle, “No, Ian, that’s just Daddy’s tail bone.” Brian points out that Ian has a tail bone,…

There’s A New Chef in Town

I struggle with thinking of what to cook for dinner. However, when I stumble into a good-looking recipe, I’ll go all-out to make a tasty meal for my guys. Frequently, the boys will poke at it if it appears too healthy or unexciting, or eat whatever part strikes their fancy. One evening, while finishing up…