There’s a Ford F-150 in my shoe


I have a few treasured thoughts swimming around in my head this weekend, in addition to my new-found Airwalk accessory, that I’d like to hang on to.

Last night, while Brian was insulating the water heater pipes, Ian headed for one of the kitchen cabinets and pulled out his kid-sized baking kit.  He climbed up to our ridiculously tall table and said, “Mom, we need to make cookies.” as he pulled out his apron and wooden spoon.  Starting cookies at 7 p.m. is not what I had in mind for the evening, but I was taken with his cuteness and spontaneity.  I grabbed a couple cookie cook books and we flipped through them.  I adored hearing him ponder to himself, “Hmm, which one shall I make?  Maybe like this one…or this one.”  I saw that coconut macaroons were super simple and quick and he agreed without hesitation.  As he stirred the ingredients that I helped measure, he informed me, “I’m making cookies for you, Mom.  I’m making coc’ut mac’roons.”  He fit six on his little cookie sheet and the rest on a big one, all the while self-critiquing the portion sizes:  “Oops, too much.  There, just right.”  He was so proud of his little macaroons and when they were cooled and on a snowman plate, he was quite the host, offering each family member a cookie, then a second, and attempted a third.  He long ago figured out that his best chance of getting a treat is to bring some for everyone.

Isaac was a big fan, too.  With the last bit in his mouth, he’d run up to his dad requesting, “One!  One!”, hoping to get ‘one more’.

Isaac is starting to put together small sentences.  This morning in the bath he said, “I want out.”  Seeing that written down now feels slightly like I’m celebrating having put my shoes on the right feet.  Anyhow, it’s the most complete thing he’s said yet and as his mother, I’m excited.  He does very precious toddler things.  I love when he toddles over with a book and hefts it up onto the table saying, “Read, Mom.  Lllap.”  I hoist him up onto my carefully-pronounced ‘lllap’ and read his ‘gory’ for as long as it keeps his interest, then he claps the book closed, saying, “E end.”

Lately, Isaac has been running around singing “Ma na ma na” (popularized by the Muppets), thanks to a dancing, singing Christmas monster a friend gave us last year.  I keep trying to catch it on video, because it is SOOO PRECIOUS, but each time he stops singing to chase after me, saying, “Cheese!”.  Not to hijack my own thought, but, “Christmas monster”, you say?  Yes, Christmas is already up & at ’em at our house.  Normally, I’d wait until a more typical time to install Christmas, but we won’t be home for Christmas, so starting it early made sense. We had family visiting last week, so I thought, “Hey, I have help!  Let’s do Christmas!”.  I put on a Christmas CD yesterday, and after Jingle Bells played, Ian remarked, “Now that was a really good song.”  He’s my Christmas kid.  He loves all things Christmas and has me read him Christmas stories all year long.  Aunt Ashley sent the boys something uber-cool.  It’s a Christmas story that holds a recording of her reading it.  It’s fantastic to have a pinch-hitter when my voice is worn from the likes of “Santa’s Peppermint Rescue”.

OK, the natives are getting restless, so I’m off to new adventures!

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