Domo Arigato


The boys have been absorbing some of my pregnancy struggles.  Isaac has started grunting with the strain of picking toys up. Yesterday evening, I sunk into a chair for a minute to relax while holding a very sad Isaac. I had put my phone on the armrest, but it had vanished.  I asked Ian, who was sitting on the floor studying a toy catalog, if he would help me find my phone.  Without looking up, he replied, “I can find your phone later, but I’m tired.” Later that night, he puts a toy to my belly and says, “I can hear your heart beat. Your belly is getting bigger. I’m getting bigger and bigger and bigger too (sticking out his belly). Wall-E robot is in my belly.”

Wall-E robot is his new alter-ego.  I’m fairly sure he has never seen the movie, but he has a pair of underwear bearing his doppelganger.  At bedtime, he says, “Wawwy is tired.” Sometimes Wawwy provides generous catering services.  Ian scoots up along side me and says, “I’m Wawwy. I have a hand on my back. I have cheese for you (leaning his back towards me).” He also instructs us to push his colorful buttons.  They never seem to do anything but beep.  I asked him one time what the Red button does. “It says ‘Stop’,” he informs me.

They are both pretty fascinated with mirrors lately.  Especially Isaac.  Every time I change Isaac’s clothes or put a hat or coat on him, he requests, “Meer,” and then flirts with his reflection when we take him.  This morning, Ian brushed his hair and looked in a hand mirror, saying, “I look SUPER handsome!” I had to agree.

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  1. askinner86 says:

    Oh, man, these kids are killing me! They are sooooo funny! I can't wait to meet the next one!


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