Oh The Places You’ll Go!


A couple nights ago, Ian was wrestling with Brian. At one point Ian’s hand lands on Brian’s backside and Ian stands, frozen. “Oh no Dad, you have poop!” he blurts as he squeezes something.  I glance over and giggle, “No, Ian, that’s just Daddy’s tail bone.” Brian points out that Ian has a tail bone, too.  For the next 2 days, Ian would approach me bun-side first asking if I’d like to see his tail bone, and he pulls down his underwear a bit, saying, “See?” “Yes, I see it,” I reply each time with as much enthusiasm as I can muster. “Yep, that’s my tail bone,” he replies and proudly swaggers off.

Last night we did our Georgia Christmas, so the boys have some time to play before we drive to the grandparents’ for real Christmas. I was a little concerned that it would be a puny event for them, since in my memory it didn’t seem like I’d gotten them many toys.  But, I think it turned out just right.  For instance, Ian gave the set of “castle people” hardly a pause before moving to the next gift.  However, when they opened their castle, Ian decided he needed a “Princess Fiona” (someone has been watching too much Shrek) to put in the tower and we reminded him about the castle people.  They’ve had nonstop fun with it since then. We got Ian a toy guitar and Isaac a not-so-toy drum.  All the toy drums were kind of lame and this floor drum was awesome and about the same price. Ian was hilarious rockin’ out on the toy guitar. He had his eyes all scrunched closed and his head bobbing as he shouted, “Rock and roll!” Isaac got a basketball hoop, which Ian pulled over and nearly beaned his brother with (note to self: fill it with sand sooner than later). Ian also got a viewmaster. I LOVED those as a kid, and I think I still do. Ian is quite enthralled as well.  The most interesting/unique toy has to be the Kid-O Bilibo. It’s even hard to describe. It’s a plastic shell shaped like a flared-out helmet…sort of. It’s made for open-ended play. It can be a seat to spin in, a helmet, a bowl, a turtle shell, a whatever. Isaac was scared to sit in it at first, so we put it on my head and sat under it while Ian opened his next gift.

This morning, we’re sitting up in bed and Isaac pats his head and says, “Gaigick hair.” Ian looks over at the bed-head and laments, “Oh no. Igick’s hair is ruined!”  I’ve thought that about my hair some days.

Ian’s philosophy is: Celebrate your victories, first; Deal with the details later.  I just heard, “Yayyyyy!  I peed on the potty!” Then, like an interesting bit of trivia, “Mom, I made a little ‘plash on the wall.” Sometimes he chooses to sit for the task and forgets about the aiming part. I think the puddle in the potty was incidental.

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