Independence Days


My little guys are growing more independent every day. Ian wants to assemble the turkey sandwiches and cut his own food.  A dozen times a day, we forget some little task he can accomplish himself and he reminds us in panicked staccato, “I want to do it all by myself!” He doesn’t even like to be reminded of anything. For instance, last night during prayers (which Isaac always reminds us to do), Ian started to interrupt Brian, with his usual request, and Brian said, “I know, you want us to pray for Thomas the Tank Engine.” Ian furiously responded, “You may not tell me!!” Trying to correct himself, Brian suggested, “Oh, sorry, you go ahead and say it, Ian.” Pouting, Ian replied, “I can’t say it anymore. [making his voice creaky] I can’t hear my voice.” Finally he gave up the facade and placed his request for blessings on Thomas, along with Isaac’s request to “pray. track.” So Thomas and his track were well-blessed.

I’ve enjoyed Isaac’s beverage preferences. Somehow he’s come to the conclusion, during my pregnancy-induced ice cravings, that anything with ice is “num-nade” (lemonade).  If he sees we have something carbonated he wants “yoda.”  Bubbly in your throat it is.

Brian starts his vacation time today – woo hoo!!  Time to go do more Christmas vacation prep!

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