Pleasantly Bored


Okay, so how many different ways can I document my daily routine? Got up. Pumped. Got dressed. Ate. Stuffed frozen milk in a cooler. Got kisses from the boys. Said goodbye. Said goodbye some more. More kisses. Said goodbye one more time. Drove to hospital. Pumped. Woke up munchkin at 11:45. Changed diaper. Detangled wires. Attempted breastfeeding. Put sleeping munchkin back. Pumped. Went to lunch. Woke up munchkin at 2:45. Changed diaper. Detangled wires. Attempted breastfeeding. Put sleeping munchin back. Pumped. Mildewed (Huh? OK, when I was growing up, every time I asked my dad what he was doing, he said “mildewing”. I never “got” it, but I think I’m catching on now). Woke up munchkin at 4:45. Changed diaper. Detangled wires. Attempted breastfeeding. Put sleeping munchkin back. Pumped. Got slightly reprimanding looks for encroaching on shift change. Grabbed drink and snack from caf. Drove home. Ate dinner. Pumped. Crammed in playtime with boys. Got ready for bed. Pumped. Read stories. ZZZzzz.

The awesome part is sometimes I mix it up a bit and change a diaper after breastfeeding or get a lunch date with a brave and kind soul who stopped by. There are also cool little details I didn’t bore you with, like, I took his temperature. Ooh today he gets an Xray. Say, maybe I’ll change his clothes.

At the hospital, a boring day is a great day. Today is a really, really great day. The less action this boy can stir up, the sooner he’ll be home.

Home. Home. Where my other funny little boys are. I have more fun with these little guys in the sliver of time I get with them during the week. Last night we read The Monster At The End of This Book. That was always one of my favorites as a kid. Last time we had read it was shortly after Christmas, and I think Isaac was a little scared of it. Maybe it was Dad’s voices that did it. This time, Brian read it once and Isaac took it and “read” each page, saying “Monter at end of tory. (Looks at Brian) Turn page?” After a few more stories and clicking off the light, snuffly little Ian volunteered to pray. “Dear God. Fank you for God. Please bless everyfing. I want mommy to clean my nose. Bless the trucks. Aaaamen!”

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  1. haffnewie says:

    Ian is a hoot! So glad you are having boring days! I love coming here and getting a "peice" of your life.


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