Upcycled Space Port


I’ve been siphoning off some recycle-ables into a big box for the boys to use as building materials. Today I helped them build a space port and some vehicles. We used mostly tape and glue, but got a little fancy with wire hangers, bolts and rivets too.

Space crafts the boys built

At the back side is the hovering space port. It’s hard to see the propeller on the blue vehicle, but it is a flying bus that has a cargo bay attached to the bottom. The egg carton is another flying craft of some sort. The odd contraption up front, so far, has been used like a wheel-barrow by Isaac, and was turned the other way by Ian to be a fighting machine (go figure).

In this shot, you can barely see Isaac and Elijah working on making some books. OTC had a pack of plain mini booklets for just such a purpose.

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