Marble Painting


The boys pose with their marble paintings

We tried a new project today that was inspired from a Teacher Tom blog I read: marble painting. First, we put canvas boards in a box. I tried putting various-sized marbles each in its own well of a paint palette with different colors of paint and then dropping the colored marble into the box, but it didn’t hold much paint, and there was a lot of color contamination from my gloved hands. Next, we tried just dribbling colors onto the canvas and turning all the marbles loose, and that worked much better. I had only acrylic paint on hand, so I didn’t let them get very messy, unfortunately, but they still thought it was a lot of fun. They all worked together on each painting and decided what colors to use and when the painting looked “done”. I’m sad about the lousy phone pictures – my nice camera is out for repair. I think the next order of business is to think about how they can construct some frames so we can put them on the wall.

The boys' marble paintings

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