The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Since I forgot to write down all the cute things the boys did and said, I’ll write a lame list of what I DO remember from the weekend.


  • I actually made it to the gym again! It was lonely, but I managed to find an elliptical with a TV and a good Kevin Costner movie to distract me from what I was really doing: wishing I was playing racquetball.
  • I kept my house *mostly clean ALL week!  *Laundry, Hotwheels and squished grapes to be overlooked.
  • I don’t know if I got more guilty amusement out of Isaac having walked into a glass wall in front of a museum display, or the pregnant lady nearby trying desperately not to burst out in laughter. I was trying not to laugh too, as I escorted the confused and unhurt boy out of the room, but she lost it right after I did.
  • At said museum, we, the alleged parents, left our 18-month-old in an elevator.
  • Elijah got his toe mauled by a brother-powered bathroom door.
  • Ian got his lip mauled by a brother-powered Brain Collider
  • Ian loves catching frogs and grasshoppers out back. He’s quite gentle, but a little froggy had an accidental encounter with Ian’s foot. We were quite thrown by the lack of emotion in his voice, when he said, “I feel very sad. Just like the froggy’s family when they come find him and he’s dead. Hey, see if you can catch me!” Brian and I spent the rest of the day trying to decipher his response, while suppressing disturbing visions of future animal torture. He’s the least likely of our three to use words to convey his love, even though he’s deeply addicted to snuggling at night, and is remarkably empathetic to what is happening to another person. We don’t “get” the frog incident, but our sources say his response was normal, so I guess we can exhale now.

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