Deep Thoughts by Isaac


My new “fwavorite” (as Ike would say) hobby these days has been collecting deep thoughts spoken by Isaac. They typically emerge randomly from silent observation, and they never can be elicited from baited conversation. If you ever ask him a deep question, in hopes of getting a cute answer, it will go something like this, “Isaac, why did God make you?” “Peanuts!” Alternatively, the reply could be, “toot!” or “pahtah!”

This morning’s thought was sweet. “When I die, Jesus will wake me up. Hmm. When Jesus died, who waked Him up?”

Here are some other amusing products of our three-year-old’s mind:

There is no light in the dark.

Elijah thinks the house is his trash can.

I am the one who has hiccups.

There is a head in my hat.

It looks like Christmas, but it isn’t Christmas.

Which bathroom is Dad in? The one that’s the stinkiest?

Ashley, I love girls.

When I grow up, I’m still going to be myself.

Thank you, Isaac. You just keep that brain a-chuggin’.

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