The Dust Is Settling


Jungle brothers

Yes, the dust is settling, and we’ve been busy naming the swamp-like creatures that form as it builds up. I have blown past so many great adventures that have happened over the last couple of months: A fifth birthday, a trip to Missouri, a Christmas vacation to Florida, including three Christmas celebrations, a trip to Legoland, some beach time, Sarasota Jungle Gardens and more, a Georgia Christmas, and last, but not least, a very special second birthday.

I look forward to catching up on all of that, now that I have almost reclaimed my house. It was so disappointing to come home from vacation to a perfectly clean house, knowing it would be the last I saw of my floor, table and counters for weeks. But, I’m powering through, and soon it will be back to its fleetingly glistening self.

I’ve started the sub-project of turning our “library” – the room with the massive bookshelf – into a more home school-friendly room by transplanting some books and containerizing supplies onto the shelves. Ooh, I love containers! Can’t you see me shiver with delight?

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