Bendy Bones


In a previous post, we started a chicken bone and vinegar experiment. The boys hypothesized that the bone would get soft if the vinegar dissolved the Calcium in the bone. The picture is a little gross, but here is the result after 3 days:











The bone got soft and bendy like cartilage, especially at the ends near the joints. Everyone thought this was very cool. Of course, it made me wonder how chicken bones differ from human bones. When human bones lose Calcium, don’t they get brittle instead of bendy? I get a funny mental image of people bending where they shouldn’t.

On Friday, we went to the circus. It was a good show, though they made me a little nervous with all the drops and missteps I saw from jugglers and acrobats. Then there’s the clowns. I don’t like clowns. They’re okay from a distance. They’re especially okay when they light one on fire and launch him across the arena from a giant crossbow. I think that was the boys’ favorite part. However, the only part I noticed them really laugh at was when a giant power plug was lowered from the ceiling and bonked a clown on the head.

Saturday evening, we went to a birthday party. It was a very cute arctic-themed party. Birthday boy’s mom had a fun scavenger hunt planned for the kids. She had all the 2-6-year-olds gathered around and began explaining the instructions. One of the requirements was, “You need to read the clue and find out where to go next.” Ian, clearly saying what everyone else was thinking, interrupted, “But…I can’t read!” Suddenly, a gush of “Me either”s erupted from concerned little detectives, much to my amusement. They were relieved to discover they would get an adult partner to help with that part.

Isaac has continued on with more “Isaacisms”. While going to a restaurant, I asked Isaac what he’d serve if he had a restaurant. He replied, “Everyfing.” I asked what his specialty would be. He answered, “I won’t serve any tea. Just lemonade” (If you say the last couple sentences out loud, it sinks in a little better.).

The other night while getting ready for bed, Brian tried to hurry the boys by saying, “If you want to read two stories, you need to put your jammies on now.” Isaac thought for a second before asking, “And if I want just one story, I should put my jammies on later?”

Brian was flying a new kite with the boys one day. I came out to watch, and ended up holding the string “for a minute,” and promptly got it stuck in a tree. Brian spent a long time tugging at the kite from different directions, but I like the solution Isaac came up with: Hmm. I guess we need a sideways world.

Oh, how they crack me up.

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