Kid Chat


We’re having a fun day so far. It started off lazily, but I committed myself to going back to the gym. This is my second week of going every other day, and I’m hoping to the moon I make it a habit. It feels great and improves my outlook and sense of well-being. Today we had a pleasant breakthrough. Not only did Elijah not cry, but he ran into the child care room enthusiastically and didn’t give a backward glance. An hour later, I had to pry Ian out from under a play structure.

We returned home and I made lunch. As Elijah munched some cocoa almonds, the bigger boys struck up one of their adorable conversations. I wish wish wish I had a cockpit voice recorder for those guys! Sadly, we’ll have to settle for my memory of a snippet of the dialogue:

Isaac: Why do I exercise?

Ian: Because God wants you to.

Isaac: Why does God want me to?

Ian: Because it moves your muscles and helps you breathe.

Isaac: Why do I need to breathe?

Ian: Because God wants you to. It helps your body get Oxygen.

Isaac, sipping some Jupiña: Why do I drink from the yewow straw?

Ian: Because it’s your favorite color. [Isaac assures us that in heaven, his favorite color will be Red]

Isaac: Why do I like yewow?

Ian: Because it’s light. And its difficult when some things are light and some things are dark.

Isaac: The sun is yewow.

Ian: Let me see your eyes. They look green.

Isaac: But they are blue – your fwavorite color!

Ian: Elijah? Do my eyes look rainbowy?

Then, the conversation took a random, but usual turn to potty humor, and they dashed upstairs to the playroom, where I listened in a little more:

Ian: Don’t do that! I don’t want your germs.

Isaac: I want to keep my germs.

Ian: Do you want me to get sick?

Isaac: Why do we keep our germs?

Ian: Because if you give them to someone, they will get sick!

Isaac, gathering some vehicles: But I am going to defeat you!

Ian joined in and, thus, they entered into their lively little imaginary world.

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