Because Seven Ate Nine

I'll be adding "Track Master" to my resume.

I’ve been lax on taking pictures these days. I’ve gotten into the nasty habit of “just” enjoying our outings, versus documenting them. But, I should be in my “right” mind again soon.

We haven’t been very organized in our activities lately; I’ve been feeling a bit lackadaisical this week. I gagged at the boys enjoying oatmeal with ketchup, and beamed that my two year old used words like “flag” and “planet” in his play. I giggled about the bigger brothers inventing the “Bathmobile” and the “Batmotub” as they soaked.

My mom won’t live down the time she gave her 5-year-old daughter (couldn’t have been me) a bunch of stickers for Christmas, that all promptly ended up on a single sheet of notebook paper. Somehow that paper got into my scrap book. I’ve since dedicated myself to accepting the fact that small children will adhere gluey pictures with reckless abandon, but my brain absolutely cracks and fries when my boys layer stickers directly on top of each other, as to completely obscure the ones on bottom. I will admit to nearly stifling creativity yesterday, as I heroically fought the urge to strategically lay my hand on Elijah’s paper where stickers had been placed, so that new stickers had to go elsewhere.

In Jeopardy fashion, the well-known Question to the post title is, “Why was Six afraid of Seven?” I try, with eager hopefulness, to tell the boys lame jokes like that, waiting to see the light bulb of  humor illuminate. I can’t tell if the boys are starting to pick up on word play or are simply amusing in their literalness. Often, it’s the typical cute, but aimless attempts. Isaac came to me bearing his sword and shield and asked, “Why did the knight cross the poopy bridge?” “Why?” I played along. “Because he wanted to get to the knight factory!” Sometimes the questions are (I assume) inadvertently clever. Ian was in a tree yesterday and asked me, “If I put my gum in the ground and cover it with dirt and put water on it, will it grow a gum tree?” We happen to have a Black Gum tree, and I’m fairly certain he does not suspect it of producing any Trident.

Today is a soggy, rumbly day, which guarantees that we are in desperate need of a grocery run. I guess I might as well hop to  it!

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  1. hi-d says:

    I remember Issac putting sticker on top of sticker in church one day when he was sitting with me. LOL I had to restrain myself from “making” him move them around the page!! Cute post. 🙂 I love the gum tree idea!! That kid. They are all so smart and cute!


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