Free at Callaway


Saturday, we played hooky from church and took advantage of the last free weekend at Callaway Gardens. Here are a bunch of pics, that don’t require much explanation.


Ian came fully-prepared for…something.






Come on, Mom! Join us in this illicit trek through this roped-off area!


Sharing gum on the swing. The boys are obsessed with gum lately.







At this point, Ian decided it was the perfect time and place to unload the backpack of supplies he had packed. Here’s Isaac with the binoculars.


We’re facing East West! Or maybe South!



Stopping for a tasty picnic lunch.




What handsome butterflies!




The butterflies really liked this girl.



Hey Ian, what do you think of all these butterflies?


Had to add another couple cute butterfly boy shots. Squee!




The birds of prey show was fun, but incredibly crowded. We squeaked our way to the front for a good view, but the boys preferred to throw pine needles around.



Next, we split up. I went with a friend to another flower section, while Brian took the boys to a playground. I gave him the camera and told him to take shots of the boys playing. These next shots are the ones he took.





(crickets chirping)

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  1. hi-d says:

    LOVE the pics!! Such cute boys! And the end made me LAUGH so hard!!!! Isn’t that just how it goes? LOL!


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