Stone Mountain


We had time today for a bigger adventure, so we hauled ourselves off to the nearby hill of Granite that goes 10 miles into the Earth. We’ve been to Stone Mountain many times, but that’s about all I remember of the Sky Car “tour,” other than being able to fit two school buses on the horse’s rump.

Here is Elijah, hiking with a purpose.

I asked Brian if this was lichen or moss. He said, “Maybe you could lichen it to moss.” Thanks for the help, B.

No hike is complete without popcorn.

Oh, he’s ferocious!

Ian found a little nest.

King of the hill. “Green stuff” expert.

Elijah, trying the impossible climb. He forgot his Spider Man gloves.

Flirting with disaster.

Ian jumps in to protect his little brother.

Ian, being invisible in the tree.

More cool green stuff. Moss? C’mon, Brian, help me out!

Snack time.

Mr. Big Stuff.

Everyone is enjoying a pack of s’mores almonds.

Isaac is bummed because he dropped his snack off the ledge.

Elijah does his best to console Isaac.

“Daddy? Igick drop nuts. Igick yo yad, right, Daddy?”

In this shot, I’m just enjoying the randomness of my children. One is trying to defy gravity, one is “resting” in a most awkward position, and one is crawling in despair.

Off, again, to find the end of the world.



We were met at the bottom of the mountain (as usual) by the Bubble Man.

It’s not a proper day, unless we ride the train!

Next, we went “behind” the mountain to the playground the boys love.

Elijah’s haphazard way of “climbing” down.

Ian leaping? Go figure…

Isaac looks like his Grandpa C in this picture. Only shorter. And cuter. Sorry, Dad, it’s true.

Trapped! I need three of these in my living room.

That about sums it up. Not a bad day for three boys who wanted to go to Stone Mountain every day for two weeks, except for today.

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