He’s Got the Wipe Stuff

Waiting for a giant bubble.
The *most amazing thing happened yesterday. I heard Isaac yelling from the bathroom. I assumed it was the usual, “I’m ready for a wiiiiiipe!” I took a giant breath and poked my head in the door. Isaac proudly beamed, “I just wiped myself!!” Wow! He had been steadfastly refusing to try for all time. I had been certain he would still want me to wipe him at age 38. But, at that moment, at 5 years and 12 days of age, he had decided to try.

Elijah is a different character. He’s 3, and has been wiping himself for some time now. Sometimes, he still requests “full service.” He recently hollered for his “pampering,” and I was starting on my way to him, when I heard Isaac at the bathroom door, proudly telling Elijah that he would wipe him. Elijah deliberated out loud: Mom..? Isyick…? Mom…? Isyick! And, you bet I let him.

Since we’re topically floating around the gaseous state of matter, I’ll mention that today we had a fun, scampering discussion that hopped through how lighters work, do all candles float, how do hot air balloons work, and how do parachutes work. Then we got out hammers to smash “dragon eggs” again. We’ve also been recently enjoying Beakman’s World on Netflix – a science show from the ’90s, and it’s had a lot of fun experiments to try.

“Official” home schooling in our family is approaching this fall, and although we already do a lot of learning, the real deal is exciting and intimidating. There’s so much to consider — almost too many options. Fortunately, I am acquainted with many who are current or former teachers, have home schooled kids, been home schooled, or are currently home schooling. A good friend has been an amazing role model, guide and encourager. I have the complete support and confidence of my husband (as well as other friends and family), and the enthusiasm of our kids. We have registered for a great home school convention in town this summer. I think ours is going to be a great, albeit challenging, experience!


*Yes, this is excitement to me these days.

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