Lessons From Proverbs 3, Part 1


Before the boys were born, Brian and I decided we really loved Proverbs 3 as a chapter of wisdom and life guidance — a sort of “theme” for our family. Recently, I’ve started taking individual ideas from the chapter and have used it for morning worship, and also as one of our sources for craft projects, reading, writing and vocabulary words. Here are some of the projects we came up with, inspired by the first 8 verses of Proverbs 3, usually with the verse written on the back.

Here, the boys wrote and/or illustrated keeping God’s word in their hearts.


Next, we did “Love and Faithfulness” necklaces (“Let love and faithfulness never leave you;
bind them around your neck…”)


For verse 5, that says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,” Isaac suggested we make helmets from the “armor of God.” We looked at a bunch of types of armor helmets, which led us into getting a little distracted with old military weapons and tactics, such as the Greek/Roman phalanx/testudo formations. Elijah, seeing the spears and Roman soldiers, then described and reenacted much of the crucifixion story.  But, eventually, everyone helped pick helmet styles, which I made out of paper plates and they decorated.

This picture shows Ian modeling his helmet before he finished decorating it. He ultimately took some fire duct tape and covered half of the mask with it. The helmet actually looks cooler from more of a side angle.

I’m not sure if it’s clear from this picture, but Elijah’s helmet has a conical face mask.

Here is another shot of the glasses and helmets.


The day we covered verse 7, talking about “Do not be wise in your own eyes…” we made paper and tape glasses as a symbol of God helping us see the truth and the right thing to do.


We’ve been less crafty with the more recent verses, because we’ve had other projects going on, but we still got some good discussion in. I think this has been a good “habit” for us; it seems to start our day off right, and so far, if we’ve forgotten, Isaac has been sure to check in, before the day is over, on what our craft and verse is for the day.


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