Lessons From Proverbs 3, Part 1

Before the boys were born, Brian and I decided we really loved Proverbs 3 as a chapter of wisdom and life guidance — a sort of “theme” for our family. Recently, I’ve started taking individual ideas from the chapter and have used it for morning worship, and also as one of our sources for craft…

Since the Cavalry Arrived

Yes, I’m alive. I haven’t posted since Aunt Ashley (my sister) moved in! And can I just say, I LOVE having another wife around (ha ha). She is extraordinarily popular with the boys, too. She’s popular to the point that I had to put stickers on our hall clock and tell Ian not to go…

Party Pooper

Remember that Play Foam that the big brothers were supposed to be playing with yesterday while Elijah was going down for his nap? Here is a photo I’ve borrowed from PlayFoam to show you what it could look like before preschoolers have mashed all the colors together to make a big confetti-colored pie.


Lesson learned. If I’d do a little laundry sometimes, I wouldn’t go without my TV remote for so long. It’s amazing what I find in that basket.

Bead Dazzled

We had a colorful week. The boys got to enjoy an overnight dusting of snow, early last week. I slammed their clothes on and sent them out the back door, before the day warmed. Ian paused to remark that his fluffy sweater felt like a life jacket, and then did a remarkable, cartoonish impersonation of an emergency flotation vest blasting full of air and then he bobbed around a bit. They ran and kicked and rolled in the barely-snowy yard. Ian wanted to make a snow man. I put some exam gloves on over my fingerless gloves to help roll a few snow balls before getting breakfast started. Ian came in and wanted some exam gloves too. I buried his fists into a pair, and as he struggled to get his fingers into the right holes, he wailed, “I don’t have as many fingers as these have!” I know the feeling, little buddy.

Rainy Day Ramble

Hooray!  For two days now, I’ve kept the house unusually clean.  Go me.  But, it’s not without that acid-reflux sheen that gives everything a warm glow. I don’t expect to do a lot of posting this week, while getting my act together for Ian’s birthday “party”.  The boys helped me make some gingerbread men and…