A Weighty Matter

Here are some home grown sweet potatoes to ponder. I think one was trying to get away.

There are so many measures of wellness and improvement, such as the facts that my thyroid is nice and small, my headaches are gone or not amounting to much, and I’m waking up easier in the morning, with more energy for the day. Yet, I *still* fixate on weight. I’m just not satisfied unless I’m dropping pounds. I know I need to make exercise a bigger part of the picture, but I’m reluctant to bring it on because it will make me disastrously hungry at a time when I’m unprepared to properly feed the beast. Fortunately, for now I can largely rely on the “extricate Brazil nuts” program.

That’s my fantastic thought for the day. The rest of it was filled with errands and church band practice. My new heated mattress pad is stealing my consciousness. Ahh. I may or may not have used my wandering sub-zero feet to blackmail Brian into letting me get this. Gooooood night!

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