A Stud in the Stacks

Happy party turtle

The good:  For breakfast, I made nomulous goat’s milk grits with sauteed onions & peppers & diced jalepenos (and a smidgin of Pepper Jack), coconut flour-dusted potatoes with sauteed onions and turkey sausage. For lunch I made lettuce wraps with sauteed (in avocado and sesame oils) portobello mushrooms, onions, broccoli slaw, quinoa and cashews. I snacked on raw peppers and spicy hummus.

In other news, the brothers made Elijah a turtle party today. The taped turtle drawings up everywhere. Ian made Elijah green banana milk. The three cute-sters sat a table by the fire and celebrated.

The bad: I had a gyro for dinner, with rice. After I broke apart over 2 mini Reese’s Cups. Yes, they were worth it. Maybe.

The ugly: I unwittingly took my four-year-old in public with a jacket AS a shirt. And he did a “manly” chest reveal in the bookstore. He’s slick like that.

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