Books are Happening!


I’m resisting the urge to status post these on Facebook, in order to give more attention to my blog. I’m also going to try to resist the urge that this means I need to come up with a lot of extra words. But I can’t usually help myself.

Isaac sat down and read a book by himself. He was very proud of himself. Ian encouraged his brother too, by relating how hard it was the first time he read that same book when he was 7 (He’s now 8 and Isaac is 6).  He really cheered his brother on. Isaac said, “I wonder if this means I’m ready to read the Bible yet! All those teensy weensie little words!” I took the cue and brought a Bible off the book shelf and opened it randomly to the story of Jesus welcoming the children to be near. I handed it to him and he read it with little assistance. He ran over to me, very excited, telling me all about the story. “The children came to see Jesus and the disciples told them to come back later because Jesus was busy, but Jesus said to let them stay with Him!” “What does Jesus think about children? Does He think they are important or that only adults are important?,” I asked. “Jesus thinks children are important too! God gave children a special way of loving,” Isaac enthusiastically replied. Then he went and sat on the glider with his Bible and remarked to no one in particular, “I thought it was about time to sit me in front of a big book. And this is a BIG. Giant. Book! I want to read the whole thing!” Then he ran upstairs and found “the perfect spot” for his Bible, so he can read it in quiet during his special reading time. He’s our self-proclaimed future pastor.

I feel so very thrilled about this. Yes, that my boys have a pure love of Jesus in their hearts. But, specifically, that they’re making leaps in the journey of learning to read. It feels so emotional and special and exciting. We stopped by the library on the way home from our last home school Friday, and Ian read a book on the way home and it felt like magic hearing him say the words. Yesterday, in the car, Ian was reading a book in a British accent. Elijah joined in the “reading.” They make me laugh so hard.

We’ve been focusing on learning nutrition, particularly as we grocery shop. The boys help me find cereals for them with fewer than 6 grams of sugar, which is quite hard to find. This morning, Ian decided to calculate the amount of sugar in his breakfast. He figured he had 2 servings of cereal and one cup of milk, so he added all the grams together. I read that 4 grams of sugar is about a teaspoon, so we got the spoons out for a visual.

Elijah helped me cook breakfast as usual. He was trying to secure his position in all future cooking episodes since, “I’m really good and I know what to do, because I’ve practiced a LOT!” He’s running around in his usual uniform of underwear and a weapon. Today it’s a bow and foam arrows. He wants to be 9-1-1 when he grows up, and he’ll have all his uniforms hanging up, ready to put on if someone calls and needs a “palice, a fire man or an ambleeance.” He’s also or resident spiritual advisor, reminding us to pray, or not talk about the devil, or to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” playing and singing “God” songs, or whatever need seems to strike his soul’s fancy at the time.

I think I have the best job in the world. 🙂

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