Sneaky Math and Zombie Science


Today was a comfortable day with the sort of natural flow of learning that I love. After breakfast, Ian and Isaac wanted to finish a Lego project they started yesterday, so I said I’d do something with Elijah. When they noticed that I’d brought out the Magna-Tiles, they all decided to join Elijah and I. We had fun building 3D shapes with them (and I very much enjoy the sound and feel of the tiles clicking together). The boys were all adept at identifying an “unfolded” 3D shape. It was a perfect opportunity to talk about types of triangles and various angles and degrees.

Isaac and Elijah played some chess (with some heavy trade negotiations), and Ian finished the Lego project. We also worked in a trip to the library, where the boys found some cool comic-style science books. One is Aliens and Energy. The other is Zombies and Forces and Motion. They are amusing and informative. Ian worked some on his Minecraft rocket ship, Elijah made a small Minecraft Mars science station/biodome and Isaac used Minecraft to make a model of the water cycle.  On the way home from the grocery store, we had a great discussion on  sentence structure and punctuation and capital letter usage. We also read lots of books today. I’m disappointed I failed to note any amusing banter today. It stinks to have the memory of a goldfish.

Yesterday, Ian used his Little Bits to make a hand buzzer and the boys made an awesome restaurant in the play room with fantastic service. We didn’t get around to everyone’s Math goals yesterday, but Isaac chose to focus on understanding Base 10. I think that will not be a big challenge for him, but I understand it’s hard for a kid to set his own math goal, not really knowing the options.

Tomorrow is our first Home School Friday at Shoal Creek. The boys are very excited. 

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