Clinic Tour and Tortillas


Today our friend Donna gave the boys a tour of the urgent care center where she works. It was a slow day, so there weren’t really any patients around. The boys got to see how vitals are taken, and got their height and weight and vision checked. They got to see treatment rooms and the x-ray room, along with a radiation-free demo of how x-rays are taken. We saw what blood looked like before and after it was spun in a centrifuge. The boys got a particular kick out of the “magic door” in the bathroom wall that opened to the lab. Donna showed them how to bandage broken toes and cut fingers, and how to splint wrists. They thought it was all quite cool and asked some good questions. Isaac didn’t seem to buy that someone could tell anything about a person’s throat by putting a wooden stick in their mouth.

Thank you Miss Donna!!

Here are some pictures of the tour:

Where we keep our torture tools.
Woman, what have you done to your children?!
Simulating a bruise.
Buddy taping.
It’s a wrap!

At the clinic, Ian was looking at a magazine and saw some delicious-looking tortillas. He said he wanted to make some at home. So we did. Ian watched a video and learned how to make them, got all the ingredients out, figured out how many scoops to use with each measuring spoon, stirred it all up, and I helped with the adding the hot water part. I also helped with the rolling because our scaled recipe did not yield soft dough, and despite adding more oil and water, it just wanted to be tough. So, the cool dudes had tough tortilla tacos tonight, along with an experimental cauliflower couscous that was pretty tasty, aside from the part where I burned it at the last minute.

I’m stoked, because Ian’s reading has gotten to the point where he can sit down and absorb what he reads. He told me about how to make paper the other day, from a book he read. I’m just giddy about this.

In other news, Isaac lost his 2 bottom teeth in fairly rapid fire over the last month. So cute.

Also, all three boys are at least starting their night upstairs in the bedroom that I swapped for the play room. Isaac slept all night from the start. He just decided he felt scared, but would stay up there. Ian has been getting better about not trying to ninja into our room, and Elijah still wakes up about 1 am and ends up in bed with me or on the floor next to Brian if I’m too cross-eyed to take him back up. Here’s what the redo looks like:

The bedroom before I got all the boxes removed.
The playroom in progress.

Now that the rooms are in “workable” order, I’ve gotten very lazy about finishing the job and getting all the odds and ends put away. They’re all stuffed in the office. The poor office. It always gets dumped on.









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