Don’t Hurt the Kroger Person!


A crazy-life update, in all its colorful glory.

An awesome stinky leak.

A lot has happened in the eight months since I last forced myself to write. I suppose I chose this moment to catch up, because, why not. I’ve thrown my hands up, and a keyboard is as good a place as any to land. The hubs is on a plane to California, the kids are at Friday school, and I’m sitting in our new, currently stinky basement, deciding that IT FIGURES that this is the day the big white pipe needs to have an accident on my floor.

It’s been 40 days since we moved into this house and we LOVE it. I especially appreciate being closer to school and church, because, in spite of being a home school family, we’re at the school or church 6 days a week. Elijah is also absolutely giddily immersed in taekwondo, so I have turned into Uber Mom (the slightly more dizzy version of Mom’s Taxi). Incidentally, I have been amusing myself with the fun and slightly creepy Timeline function of Google Maps. Yesterday I drew a fish.


I’ve been told it’s a sockeye salmon.

Even though this house has a lot more space than our old house, we’re still wondering how on earth we fit ALL THIS STUFF in it, and where it will go now.

I will forever be haunted by the echoes of our old pest control guy annoyingly asserting, “You guys have too much STUFF,” every single time he visited (but that’s ok, because he won permanent bonus points years ago for letting my toddler brow-beat him into reading stories, and then making a habit of always coming early to chat with the kids, and he never forgot treats for the dog). The upstairs is looking pretty stinkin’ (er, better-smelling than the basement) close to put together (if you don’t look in my 9-year-old’s bedroom or on the kitchen counters, and if you can imagine more furniture in the gaps). But the basement still looks largely like a ransacked storage unit.

No chaos can halt the production of enthusiastic play time.

Bending Time

I’m majorly struggling to find good chunks of time to get unpacked AND get our school done, but I’m trying to get at least one significant thing done in the house each evening and to find time savers when possible. I feel so proud that I remembered yesterday that I could build a grocery order for pick up. Squee! I don’t have to go shopping!

I chose a time window that would nicely align with home school Friday drop-off. Even though we overslept from last-minute “dad time,” also “risking” my grocery pick-up window, we are also close enough now that we were only 13 minutes late to school. When I finally pulled into the Kroger pick-up lane, two employees were already out loading other vehicles. I opened my door to go lay the back seats down and nearly took out one of the employees who had come over to get my name. A lady in the van next to me cried, “Don’t hurt the Kroger person! I need them!” I laughed, fully agreeing with the sentiment. The Kroger delivery people are life.

Our old house should go on the market soon. The new floors and paint are looking great! Can’t wait to have it sold!

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