Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) – Rare Disease Day 2012

Since today is Rare Disease Day, I decided to recap our experience with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). Langerhans cells are immune cells that are normally present in the skin and mucosa. LCH happens when immature Langerhans cells behave like cancer cells – proliferating, and sometimes travelling through the blood stream to end up in other…

Since the Cavalry Arrived

Yes, I’m alive. I haven’t posted since Aunt Ashley (my sister) moved in! And can I just say, I LOVE having another wife around (ha ha). She is extraordinarily popular with the boys, too. She’s popular to the point that I had to put stickers on our hall clock and tell Ian not to go…

From Now On, Rice is an Outside Toy [Megapost]

Aaack, my brain is melting! No, not hurting, just melting. Too much “adventure” lately. The toddler-people have trampled me and chewed holes in my clothes. I have loads of catching-up to do, blog-wise. I wanted to do a cute story for every event along the way, but catching child-vomit in cloth diapers for the last two weeks has wanned my interest.

Local Time

One beautiful weekend, we hopped on our bikes for the first time since last fall. I put Elijah in my handlebar carrier and Brian pulled the bigger boys in the trailer. I made sure to bring the diaper bag, because it seems we always go farther than intended. We half joked to each other that, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we ended up in downtown Newnan?” I knew right then that we had both taken that as a challenge and our certain destination.

I may be tired, but I’m not listless.

I was just thinking about lists. That happens on occasion when I’m using a product I really love, or remembering a piece of knowledge that changed my thinking, and I wish at that moment I could send the Publisher’s Clearing House brigade to every door and present the residents with this great information prize.