Since the Cavalry Arrived


Ashley at the Rock RanchYes, I’m alive. I haven’t posted since Aunt Ashley (my sister) moved in! And can I just say, I LOVE having another wife around (ha ha). She is extraordinarily popular with the boys, too. She’s popular to the point that I had to put stickers on our hall clock and tell Ian not to go snuggle with her in the morning until the small hand is between the stickers. She’s still looking for her Cardiovascular Sonographer job, but I’m not in a huge hurry to send her off each day. The boys and I love her company and she’s a huge help. We’re thrilled she decided to move up from Florida.

We’ve been busy shifting things around in the house to give Ashley some living space, doing projects with the boys and taking interesting day trips.

The Playroom
Yay! I cleaned the playroom!



The boys climbing a tree at Chattahoochee Bend SP
The boys climbing a tree at Chattahoochee Bend SP
Enjoying pies at Mercier Orchards
Enjoying pies after apple picking at Mercier Orchards
The bushes we trimmed
Ashley reclaimed our property line
Ian at Sweetwater Creek
The boys enjoyed rock hopping at Sweetwater Creek
The bigger boys drilled some pumpkins
The bigger boys drilled some pumpkins


foam mask
Ashley helped the boys make some cool stuff out of foam pieces
I made the boys a spy fortress
Elijah insists on making his own sandwiches


Elijah style
...and choosing his own style

So that’s the highlights of our last month. I’ll have more “home schooly” stuff to add at another time.

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