Argh, the Dreams, Yay, the Boy.

My over-active imagination never seems to miss an appointment. I tire of writing about this, now that Elijah’s chemo treatment is 2 years behind us, but apparently I need to work it out some more, or there’s some reason I’m not supposed to “get over it.” Last night, as I was trying to sleep, I…

I Think We Have the Makings for a Banana Shake

Wondering where I’ve been? The entire month of April was composed of a delightful melody of stomach bugs and nasal congestion, accented with a staccato of coughing. For May, we’ve changed up the menu a bit to rashes. So far, 2/3 of my offspring have a full-body viral rash of some sort, and one also managed to get a Strep rash on his bum. Anyone for a play date?

They’ve also seemed particularly fixated on their boy parts lately [this serves as your warning].

Teeth Thing

I think my Motherbear persistence is finally steering us toward some results for Elijah’s teeth. As I’ve said before, his bottom two front “teeth” have been a mystery. He lost them in the NICU, but there has been something protruding from his gums. When his first top tooth was coming in, it looked damaged from the start. We saw the dentist, but were informed that we had to wait until the tooth had fully come in to fix it.