Looking Forward, Catching Up

Gak! I think I’ve found a moment to write something. Friday was Home School Friday at Shoal Creek. It was also the book fair, and I had volunteered to run the register after school. How I ended up with a small stack of books, I don’t know. Books are dangerous like that. Ian and I…

Legos, Ships, Jungles and Lights, Oh My.

On our vacation, we did a few adventures in Florida. We stopped by Fisherman’s Village in our old stomping grounds in Punta Gorda and toured the Nina and Pinta replicas.   We visited some friends who set up a really fancy Christmas display in their yard – just for the boys!   We stormed Legoland….


Ian begged me all week to make lemonade. Finally, I bought two bags of lemons and started the project. Our favorite recipe involves a cup of water per lemon and a quarter cup of sugar per lemon, a lot of peeling or zesting, soaking the peels/zest in the sugar, dissolving it in boiled water, removing…

I may be tired, but I’m not listless.

I was just thinking about lists. That happens on occasion when I’m using a product I really love, or remembering a piece of knowledge that changed my thinking, and I wish at that moment I could send the Publisher’s Clearing House brigade to every door and present the residents with this great information prize.