Legos, Ships, Jungles and Lights, Oh My.


On our vacation, we did a few adventures in Florida.

We stopped by Fisherman’s Village in our old stomping grounds in Punta Gorda and toured the Nina and Pinta replicas.

They're being angry pirates
I also spotted Ye Olde Ethernet Cable running up one of the lines (not shown).
Ian helping a drunken sailor


We visited some friends who set up a really fancy Christmas display in their yard – just for the boys!


We stormed Legoland. What a cool place!

Seriously impressive city replicas!
Wild rides for my thrill-seeker!
A full-size Ford
The joy of falling.
Fun climbing
And leaping.
Oh, the love!
Thank you, Brian. You deserve this (love you!).
Silly buddies.
A view from the Island in the Sky


And last, but not least, we swung into Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

Red touches yellow, kill a fellow!


Off to catch a bird
Silly brothers
Ow! Gator bite me!
Hey! I was there too!
Always something to climb.
Aren't they so cute!
My second chin is being attacked!
The Jungle Plank


Bd-bd-bd-bd-bdat’s all folks! Now, I shall muster the strength to toss in a Christmas post, for I am officially bored of playing catch-up.

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