Miss Grumpy McGrumplepants

 I seriously need to get some perspective. It’s normal for me to occasionally get spun around by my to-do list and to feel overwhelmed and overstimulated. But THIS FOOD THING (well, really, it’s a subset of “this thyroid thing”) has taken me to a new level of crazy. Yesterday, I woke up realizing my “old…

Soapy Waxy Stuff

I had a request to do soap carving again, so I got a pack of Ivory soap bars and let the boys make a humongous mess with dull knives and various carving implements. Ian carved a couch and I got as far as a robot head before I realized I’d been abandoned with a mountain…

If Only it was Rembrandt Brand

The other day, Elijah did this:   It was one of those things that I can’t imagine when he managed to do it, and I hardly could feel mad about, so I took it as a hint and set him up with this:   And made cleanup feel like play too…   …and a little…

Five New Ways to Make a Mess

Here are some fun projects we’ve done over the last month. Building with PVC pipes Sidewalk painting with a mixture of cornstarch, water and food coloring.   Construction at the mud pit. In the last shot, Ian built a bridge out of scrap wood and the boys had a blast crossing it over and over….

Muddy Buddies

  Brian decided the boys were lacking a mud pit, so this afternoon, he rectified that. Now they can be real boys.