Five New Ways to Make a Mess


Here are some fun projects we’ve done over the last month.

Building with PVC pipes
Building with PVC pipes

Sidewalk painting with a mixture of cornstarch, water and food coloring.
The boys painting the back slab

Tray of paints

Bright Colors

The finished sidewalk


Construction at the mud pit. In the last shot, Ian built a bridge out of scrap wood and the boys had a blast crossing it over and over.
The boys at the mud pit

Isaac excavating

Ian's bridge


I made a type of shape sorter out of a gift box and set out a bowl of stones and polished glass shapes. Elijah enjoyed fitting them into the various-sized holes.
Shape sorter box

Playing with super-absorbent polymer “water beads.” They started out about a quarter of the size they appear in the first picture.
The water beads started out tiny

Water beads growing bigger

Full size water beads

A water bead counting board
Water bead counting board

A container of water beads and various pouring and scooping utensils. I hid some of the polished glass shapes in the beads to discover as “treasure.”
Water bead play box

Everyone is digging in!
Boys playing with water beads

Just so we’re clear: Every. Single. Project turns into a most redonkulous mess. Yes, I know that is not a proper word, but neither is the mess these squishy little fellas make. But, I keep providing munition because they are so incredibly fun to watch when they play, and I’m fascinated by their ideas.

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