What’s another word for hindsight?


I know, I know.  I’m slacking.  I’m also typing with a crippled keyboard, which is part of the reason I’m slacking, so if I miss a G, H, or ‘, it’s not that I can’t spell.  My superduper awesome sister is my laptop supplier.  I’m so stoked about this recent addition.  I looks really slick, but is a little alphabetically challenged. So, while I await my new keyboard delivery, I meticulously copy and paste “G”s, “H”s and  “””s into my compositions.  I also engage in Elmer Fudd-ish exercises of thesaurus-fishing for non-G and -H-containing synonyms.

My second excuse for my blog tardiness is I’m simply trying to remain conscious.  This third-trimester stuff is exhausting.  I’m about 2.5 weeks out from my due date.  I feel like I could turn just a certain way and my legs would fall out of my hip sockets and collapse to the floor.  I pour Maalox on my cereal each morning. My meals and breaths could fit in a shot glass together. I keep reminding myself this is the easy part.

Ian’s really quite an empathetic fella’. At my last prenatal visit, the office was unusually crowded and Ian and another boy ended up frequently vying for use of a particular truck.  At one point, the other boy became distracted with another toy, then got put in ‘time out’ by his mother for something while Ian enthusiastically enjoyed some peace with ‘his’ favorite truck.  He was crying on the floor next to a couch.  Ian observed the boy for a moment & came over to Brian and I and started talking about the boy being sad, and why he thought he was sad. Then he walked over to the boy, crouched down, and handed him the prized truck, trying fairly successfully to help the boy feel happy again. I was pretty impressed.

He frequently asks me “What’s the matter?” or gently requests that I not feel mad.  He likes to play games with making faces or pretending to express a certain emotion.  He’s lately gotten into defending his little brother.  He will say to us, “Igick doesn’t want his teeth brushed. Don’t make baby sad.” He’s pretty good, for a little guy, about using “I feel” statements.

Ian is apparently also a Discovery Channel junkie. Yesterday, he told me he wanted to watch Adam and Jamie (Mythbusters).  I didn’t know he knew them.  This evening as I was cooking, he was singing the Boom-da-yada song Discovery had on its commercials.

I may have mentioned this before, but Ian has a perpetual Christmas spirit. He always has a song in his heart – mainly Jingle Bells, and loves any occasion for celebration. Isaac jumps right in on it too.  I could learn a lot from these guys.  They fill any room with such joy and enthusiasm and infectious laughter.

Isaac is a little mimicker.  He repeats what he hears with astonishing accuracy and clarity.  I think he has remarkable diction at times.  He’s taking full advantage of having an older brother to learn all sorts of mischief from.

I’m so curious to see how the dynamics change with #3.  I can’t imagine a more fun world than raising these little boys.

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  1. haffnewie says:

    Ian sounds like a very deep and sensitive little guy! Isn't being a mom just the best thing ever?! 🙂 You are a good one and I hope that you have that baby soon so you can eat and breath at the same time!


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