Eureka! I’ve found my floor!


Here we are, home again, with three merry iterations of Christmas sadly behind us. I’ve finally found enough of my floor to justify stopping to update the blog. It was so fantastic to be around family again for a week. We wish we could always be a part of our ‘village.’ Perhaps some day, everything will line up so that we can live near family again. Ian seemed to remember and be almost immediately comfortable with most everyone. Isaac too a little warming-up, as expected.

Poor Isaac. He will leap off of nearly any cliff, but is afraid of anything cute:  puppies, kittens, bunnies. It took him a hard part of the week to re-acclimate to my parents’ dogs.  They were particularly scary (i.e. cute, cuddly, friendly).  Both boys surprised me with their self-control around the Christmas trees. For the most part they left them alone and otherwise remembered their ‘one-finger touching’ rule. It was rather hard to get to the trees in the first place with all those tantalizing presents in the way, but they restrained themselves there too.

A couple days before Christmas was my husband’s niece’s birthday dinner/party at his parents’ house.  Ian has a particular love of all things party.  Any reason to celebrate, really.  He knew what was going on, and we could tell by the way he wasn’t eating his dinner that he was saving plenty of room for cake.  Brian requested of him that he take one bite of his dinner.  Ian refused the many attempts, until Brian finally made it clear that no bite, no cake.  Ian’s mouth shot open to accept the spoon.

I’m not sure the boys quite knew what to make of Christmas.  It was like a toy wonderland.  They were so fascinated with each thing they got, they didn’t quite want to stop checking it out to open the next one. My family has always celebrated Christmas Eve night and Brian’s family does Christmas morning, so it works out great. Some of the toys, we knew we’d better keep boxed up and our precious little boys wanted in so badly, but were very patient. When the car-packing day arrived, we truly thought it would take a miracle to fit everything in.  We did leave a couple old ride-on cars and Brian’s new globe (to be shipped or brought up later), but somehow everything else made it.  It was like super-mega Tetris.

Ever since we’ve been home, it’s like the boys’ imaginations have been unleashed, surrounded by their new trains, puppets, a gourmet kitchen, ride-ons, a wooden castle, etc. I get such pleasure out of watching them work at playing and how they combine toys from one set with another.

The boys quickly transitioned back to our normal ‘schedule’, if you can call it a schedule.  The other night, after a bath, Isaac was crying about something. Ian, with his shirt still off, squeezed his ‘breast’ and said, “It’s O.K., Baby, you can drink my milk.” As I mentioned before, Ian has been weaned since about 2 1/2, but since he’s figured out about the new baby on the way, he keeps reminding me that “Baby is making more milk for me.” Finally it came out different this morning.  Ian woke up and said, “Mom. Baby is making more milk for…Baby. I’m going to have a new baby soon!”

Brian came home the other day and Ian approached him about a snack.  Ian said, “How about pizza?” Brian replied, “How about yogurt?” “How about s’ghetti?” “We only have yogurt.” In his final attempt, Ian cheerfully proclaims, “We only have birthday cake!”

I ought to get back to unveiling more floor space.  I got an amazing Dyson vac for Christmas.  Before we left, I did an aggressive clean on the floor with our old vac.  I tested a strip of hallway with the Dyson and had to stare in amazement, excitement and disgust at all the stuff it sucked out of our “clean” floor! Vacuuming never sounded so fun – I’m actually looking forward to doing more. Is that the depths to which SAHM-hood has brought me? Hi ho, a derry-o, a vac-ing I will go!

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