This week has been a blast


Spring is here and the diapers haven’t even melted yet. Every morning I’ve been playing Waffle House with my new cast iron two-burner griddle. The item apparently on the boys’ menu is pancakes. I mixed it up one day and made them SpongeBob Eggs.

Isaac ate his right up, but Ian only wanted to talk to his. I finally cut it into pieces and said it was a Sponge Bob puzzle for his belly to do.

Elijah had his PET/CT scans last Tuesday. They looked quite clear and he will start his maintenance course of chemo on next Tuesday – yay!  That means we have to go up only once every 3 weeks.

I’m a million years behind on my documentation, so here is a quick run-down of items for the personal archives – no story line, no fancy transitions – nothing.

One day, I hear from the shower, “Bong! Bong!” “Ouch, Ian! That’s not a bell!!”  I’ll let your imagination fill in the details.

Ian has the most adorable new word.  I’ll use it in a sentence.  “Ian, where are your shoes?” “I don’t underknow.” He does have a way of phrasing things quite effectively. We’ve had the pleasure of entertaining a stomach virus at our house this week. Ian told me his tummy hurt. I asked him if it hurt like he had to poop. He laid on the floor and said, “It hurts like I want to lay right here until I get up.” That’s pretty much exactly my sentiment.

I taught Ian about Elijah’s soft spot on his head. I described that it is a place on his head that has no bone yet. When Brian came home,  Ian said, “Elijah doesn’t have any bones there. I gived him one of my bones so he could be safe.”

While playing outside one evening, Isaac looked up at the crescent in the sky and exclaimed, “The moon is chomped!”

Ian likes to make random announcements to invisible spectators. One time while playing blocks with him, Ian stood up and faced his audience saying, “Hi, my name is Ian. I’m building a tower and this (motioning) is my best friend, Mom.”

While on a walk, we acknowledged Ian’s friendly gesture of waving to a passing car. He said, “I was a gentleman!”

Actual Seuss line: This one I think is called a Yink. He likes to wink. He likes to drink. Ian’s version: …he likes to drink and have fun with the guys.

Ian coughed & said. “I’m ok.” He coughed again and said, “I’m ok again.” He coughed a third time & said, “I’m ok a six time.”

I’m really anxious for Isaac to decide to potty train. Every so often I bring up the subject. During a really messy change, I asked Isaac, “Would you like to try using the potty? Having poop in your diaper must feel so uncomfortable.” “No.” “What if I got you a little potty just your size?” “No.” “We have a little green potty and a little white potty with stickers!” “(pointing to the supplies) Get mine clean diaper!”

One time Ian inspected Elijah’s toes and kissed his head and hugged his belly and said “I’m just right for him.” And, he sure is! He adores his baby brother and takes the best care of him.

I think that about covers it.

Brian’s dad has had the enjoyment of rolling into town during our “potty relay” week. We’re probably loads of fun, but I’m sure glad he’s here! He’s keeping the boys alive while I lie curled up in bed, trying to contain my innards. When the big boys woke up yesterday, I told Ian to go find Grandpa and he’d make them breakfast. Ian replied, “No, I’ll find you and you’ll make me breakfast.”  I tried to remind him that Grandpa loves cooking and, “he’ll make it just like you like it.” “No, he won’t!” Ian protested. “He’ll make it too spicy!” Later in the kitchen, Ian was still not convinced, as Grandpa started some pancakes. “Look, Grandpa is making you tasty pancakes!” “No! He’ll make them crunchy!” I’m not sure why that would be a problem. As I mentioned in a previous post, he seems to have a taste for blackened pancakes.

The three oldest men in the house have gone off in search of Pedialyte and Preggie Pops, two delicacies for our nauseous, dehydrated selves to enjoy. I was going to nap with Isaac and Elijah, but Elijah decided I would stay up. Ahh, the best-laid plans. 

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  1. haffnewie says:

    So sorry you all had the yuckies girl. I am glad to get updated on the boys cutness! You are one lucky mom… they are great! Hope we get some time together again soon.


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