Two Steps Cleaner, One Step Disaster


I turned on my computer and Ian announced, “It’s time to plaay FAM-il-y Feud!” Am I addicted?

The boys had a lot of fun today, but in the way that mom…well, not so much. While I prepared Elijah’s dressing change supplies for the home health nurse, I hear the boys sounding dangerously happy. I entered the kitchen to find Isaac pouring water out of a bottle I had left on the counter and Ian was stomping in the puddle with his galoshes.

While I was preparing some black beans, I saw Ian grab some grapes out of the refrigerator.  I didn’t see Isaac grab the strawberries. Now I have a carton full of strawberries with one bite taken from each of them.

The ultimate offense took place as I was putting Elijah down for a nap. I had spent hours folding about two years-worth of laundry and stacking it on the ironing board, my most recent attempt at keeping my folded laundry out of “their” reach. Yes, they dumped it over and were playing Pirate Ship in the pile.

Yesterday, Ian renamed everyone. Of Elijah, he said, “I’ll call him Flapjack.” Isaac is Captain and Ian is Luckie. That must’ve been only yesterday’s names. I haven’t heard them again.

Brian tried to round Isaac up for a change and Isaac ran off bellowing, “You’ll never find me now!!”

Elijah is preparing to join the fray. Whilst he cuts teeth 3 and 4 on the bottom, he is trying so hard to crawl. He goes from sitting to reaching out to just barely on his hands and knees before he either returns to sitting or lands on his belly. He’s also pulling up on things to his knees or feet. Oh boy, I’m going to be in trouble!

Well, the house is creeping into presentability, in spite of them, and I can’t wait for my date on Thursday!

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